Thai Sky Adventures - 3rd Tandem Skydiving

May 12, 2017 in Pattaya, Thailand.
It was raining every now and then so we had to wait until our turn. Arrived around 11am or even before but did it around 4pm because of waiting. Cool video though compared to my others since they show it slow mo that you can screen shot by yourself. Warmer though from my previous two weather wise.

They don't let you schedule in a timely manner (my other two were) because of the Pattaya weather. So I suggest you come in early so you don't have to wait all day like we did due to rain. They do have comfortable VIP waiting room with Ping Pong and Pool (you have to pay to release the balls), vending machine, water and soft couch to sit on. There's a nearby cafe that you can walk to and plenty of restaurants with driving.
Above photo is my boyfriend's sister and our instructor.
We paid 10,100 Baht (295 USD) since there were four of us so the more the merrier for their discount! And added the Video offer of 3,500 Baht (102 USD) which is recored by a third skydiver - awesome footage if you ask me.
After your turn, you will wait roughly 30 minutes for your USB with your photos or video or both or whatever you paid for. It's cool that they let you check it as the rest my previous experience do just to make you sure you have proof of your bravery.
I reserved ours online the night before and chose the 30% upfront rather than the full amount. I only chose this due to the rain aspect of being cancelled. It says on their website that if it's due to rain, it'll be refunded back anyway. If there's no rain, I would've paid it fully, hence the handwritten computation on the photo. - Ootd
You can also take some photos with the plane everywhere in between waiting like what we did.
Enjoy my superman poses!

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