Thailand Trip Foods (Part 2 Altogether)

We ate this lunch before we went to Skydive in Thai Sky. Delicious Fish, Spicy Soup, Awesome Shrimp Fried Rice and Memorable Grass Jelly. Ever since we ate this Grass Jelly, we started getting it as desert in other restaurants. Place is Air-conditioned, good if you live in a humid place at noon. Especially it rained before we found this place. Clean Bathroom yet no trash can.

I love this Shabu-Shabu place! It was 199 Baht each but definitely worth it. Do not come here not hungry. We ate almost all kinds of meat, and their soup addictive. Don't get noodles just to not make you feel full fast. Air-conditioned place! Amazing and fast service. They are so alert of what you need. Eat up!


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