Secret Pools in Laguna Beach!

Mom read about this place from bloggers and she said she wants to see it herself. We planned ahead and got to church earlier than usual so we can arrive at the beach in a low tide. May I let you know that this is a private property. Technically. We are trespassing. But! Don't be scared since we're not the only on that day in particular to conquer and enjoy the private place.
Good thing that my mom read enough about this place, we parked on the nearby hospital which is free and available on Friday evenings and Weekends. If I remember correctly that hospital was in 7th St. Just walk a little and stop at 9th because that where the stairs is at to go down to the beach.
Almost forgot, it's a 218 (my own counting) steps down. Take your time to do this especially the going up part since it's not a walk in the part. They call it Thousand Steps Beach.
We arrived around 1000 and went back around 1100. When you reach the bottom of the steps go Left. You'll see the cave and after entering it's gonna be on your right, since straight is dead end. Go through the rocks at the bottom rather than trying to fly high and jump. That's why it's important to do this in a LOW TIDE. While doing this, we passed two signs that says Trespassing. Oh well. That didn't stop us since others did it happily and safe. You will get wet. Pretty obvious but some people think it'll be nothing. - Ootd
WEAR PROPER SANDALS/SHOES. You do NOT want to be barefoot going through these rocks. Take pictures, enjoy your accomplishment and the feeling of being a criminal trespassing into someone's private man made pools :)
Ret in peace for someone who died in here when it's high tide and got dragged to the ocean.
Wishing you all the best and the safest.

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