23rd Gifts and Celebration

Thank you for all those who greeted me.n Not online that have no idea since I'm not popular but my friends and relatives and parents' friends and whoever that saw a post about it and greeted me anyway. Thank you! I am so blessed in this lifetime with full of love and sanity. I got more than what I need each day, friends that are true to me even on my back, Opportunities (that are not easy to find) but always there. People who believed in me even though I make mistakes. New house that I helped my parents settled down. Material, Physical, anything in this life of mine I am truly grateful for. Loved ones even though I'm freaking across the earth from. Thank you :)
Flowers - from Mama; arrived at my workplace
Picture Frame - Patty (thanks again for driving Patrice home!)
Gift Cards from Corinne, Penny (and for driving)
Gold Wallet from Encarnacion Family
Birthday Card from MCRS people even though I'm leaving soon.
All the gifts are unexpected, I just want everybody to have fun :)


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