Home Depot 8K, Lowe's 3K, Best Buy Denial

Good Day! Where ever you are in the world. Today, I want to share my recent approvals and denials on Credit Cards I applied for a week or so ago. I attached a photo of my newest scores so you have an idea where I'm standing as to why I was approved/denied. Credit Report was pulled May 31st, 2017. Not long ago since I helped my parents buy a house.
Equifax - 738
Transunion - 704
Experian - 716
See Ranges below:
Home Depot - Applied June 29th in store. Approved right away for $8,000. Got my card in the mail July 11th. Activated at July 12th and added my parents as Authorized users. Easy :)
Lowe's - Applied June 30th online. Received a Code and told to call a number so I did. Talked to someone regarding verifications I guess, and approved! For an odd amount of $3,037. Got my card same day as Dome Depot's on July 11th and activated same day on July 12th including adding Authorized Users.
Best Buy - Applied June 30th online. Got the 2 weeks wait for our decision BS - so I already accepted it was denied. Got the letter July 11th as well with the official Unfortunately blah blah due to Too Many Inquiries pulled on Experian. Most probably because I just got approved on the other two and seem credit hungry so Best Buy denied me. I know it's nothing personal but you will never have me as one of our credit customer :0
I am not credit needy, it's all about helping my parents out for the new house. Their names are used too many times so I help as much as I can. Thank you for all of those who shared their experiences online like what I'm doing. Help each other out!
Good Luck to everyone who's going to apply!


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