Skyslide @ OUE LA

Quick and not cheap admission.
Skyslide combo - $33 on the website but I paid $34 each for my mom and I.
But hey, it's what I live doing so I don't care. And my mom enjoyed the videos, views and playtimes inside before doing the slide :)
I did it twice because my picture in the first one is bad - wrong timing of the camera. So the amazing worker on the photo at the time offered to slide again (because she knows I'm gonna buy it). I slid the 2nd time and got a better picture!
We parked on the Union Bank beside the building of OUE for $39. Yes, that expensive for a parking. If you wanna walk a little further, go for it. I saw some $17 maximum fee. 
Fun day with my mother. We were plannig to go The Broad but we didn't purchase the advance ticket and the wait that we were told it 1 1/2 just to get in. No Thank You! I already wasted 5 hours of my day driving so maybe next time we'll purchased it ahead of time. - Ootd

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