Two Trees Trail Hike

2 hours and 17 minutes Round Trip.
You're done when you reached the road that leads to the Parking lot. Once you see the Yellow House, don't give up! You're almost there. Not for a beginner so do at your own pace. Drink water if needed and wear sun protection.
432 Two Trees Rd
Moreno Valley, CA
If you want to go further to reach the 'M' go for it. Look at the map up top or take the shortcut and park here for $5.00. We didn't because I don't want my mom to push herself too much and the heat is getting bad. - Ootd
5% Shade all throughout so Luxury Hikers, this is not for you. - Ootd
On the way you'll see the Cassina Springs and the Fire Trail from Summer of 2017.
At the top, there's a little shed with table that you can rest and relax while you enjoy the peak of your hike.
9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd

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