Victoria Beach

Free and Easy to go down compare to the Thousand Steps Beach. Little tower that my mom wanted some picture of. Although it's close, okay to hang out beside it. Not much people so perfect to relax. There's a not sa safe pool nature made that you can jump - mom won't let me so I didn't :/
Big waves as all of Laguna beach are. They say no Dogs allowed but oh well, we brought ours. Say Hi to my Cosmo - loves to fight other dogs :(
He's always on a leash, and if he gets really bad I carry him to avoid fights. Bad thing though with others, they didn't have leash so when Cosmo was barking at them, they came to Cosmo. Good thing I caught it and Cosmo bit me accidentally instead.
To that owner so calm about his dog. Please put on a lease. Both of us are int wrong for bringing a dog but you being so careless is not acceptable. - Ootd

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