Disney Rewards Visa + Update Offers

Went on Chase and applied for the Disney Rewards Visa with No Annual Fee since we'll be going to Disneyland tomorrow and I don't want to miss the $50 gift card plus perks when we are inside. Unfortunately they gave me the pending decision which is most likely denied. I accepted it already :)
I read that there is a reconsideration line if you got denied or try to  make the decision faster (like my case since I'm buying the tickets today and we are going tomorrow). But as I kept on reading I remember the 5/24 rule which if you applied for credit cards in the last 24 months then automatically denied. In my case looking back, I have 5 NEW Credit Cards (Bank of America, Kohl's, American Express, Home Depot, Lowe's) and 1 Denial (Best Buy). So, Yeah...
Received a letter from them November 1st, expecting denial but it's asking to verify my social. Sent it back with my info November 3rd.

CITI Special APR
About September, Citi (Double Cash) sent me an offer regarding a lower APR of 1.99% until 5/01/2018. Then after that, it will be back to my normal APR of 14.99%. I went ahead and did it because why not even though they barely get a fee from interests from me. It was available effective immediately after fixing it online and by October 5, got notice of Special Rate in our mail.

Discover CLI Notice then denied + Consolidating Offer
September 11, when I was checking my account online Discover mentioned try asking for a credit line increase! So I did since it's always a soft pull. Last couple or more times they increased me is for only $300. I figured hey, if they approved for that amount again, it's still something. So I did and boom, Denied. Ha-ha Oh Well. I just hate that they will encourage you to try then break your heart (kind of).
Fico Score per Discover August 10, 2017 - 734.
Not sure when exactly but after we got our house, Discover knew this part looks like and sent me a Letter of Notification. It has 2 requirements:
1. Credit History - been with them for more than 2 years.
2. Home Equity - Recently.
Says I can get $35,000-$150,000f rom Home Equity for upgrades, bills, purchases, whatever I need to basically fixed a payment amount like fixing your credit and make your payments easier. Don't need it, maybe mom needs but she already has lots of debts to deal with. Still, Thank you for the offer. - Another Unfortunately, Discover has at least THREE offers they sent me and when I did them got DENIED. The very first one was from my Original Credit Card with them that got offered a certain APR but when applied, Denied. That's Life.

Thank you for reading! Good Luck on your finances :)


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