Edison Trail Hike

Round trip: 2 hours 10 minutes including lots of Side Tracks but couldn't find the 'M'.
Start: 9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd
Moreno Valley, CA

Better weather than yesterday (Two Trees Trail - September 30, 2017) but can't say better trail since I wouldn't know I just go. No shade all the way but pretty breezy since you're at the hills. Many poops of Horses and dogs since it's nature's trail.
After the second sign of Edison Trail we took left and stopped when saw the Horse Trails sign then went back. - Ootd
That's me kind of the other side trying to look for the 'M' but no luck.
Look how strong my parents are :)
And I thought they would've hate the hike all throughout especially papa since we have arthritis, lol.
@ 1236, 1 hour and 40 minutes later after running all trails I could see and finding some graffitis, I gave up looking so we went down.
My mom heading down fast while me and papa are at the back with me carrying my dog.

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