M Trail Hike

Round Trip around 4 hours! It's a long way and a hot day. After multiple conversations with people hiking up and down like us where to go because there are so many trails, we found the M!
Got my mama and dog with me. Had to carry my dog many times since it's steep and again really warm. The last stop to M itself has no trail but just find your way to touch it like me :)
Above photo is the last resting place before hiking up to the M. Mama and Cosmo stopped here and just enjoy the view and a little shade from the rocks while I pursue reaching the mark. Pretty much this is the finish line. - Ootd
We went side track for 28 minutes. Saw the M after an hour 43 mins. Then touched the paint myself @ 2 hrs 28 mins.
Always find an easier route if you can. It's better to be slow and safe than fast then falling. There are lots of trails that leads to M. Most are newly made trying to make an easier trail rather than the steep one but then again experts prefer the shorter yet harder one.

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