Pink on Parade 2017 @ Mt. Rubidoux

Everybody that I see HERE had fun. I were invited for this due to my job and so I invited my mom since we can bring a plus one. It is for a good cause. Trail itself is so pretty. Clean, organized and thoughtful volunteers. From cheering at every corner to free water as much as you can (though I do not recommend it if you're a real athlete, but I bet you know what not to do).

Freebies on right and left, Pen, Stickers, Calendars, Shopping bags, Toothbrushes, Free Blood Pressure Check up, and so much more! Afterwards, you can definitely have some food (purchased) like Tacos, Funnel Cakes, Huaraches (for this one we did and it was good!).

Mt. Rubidoux Trail, Perfect paved. You will not get lost (as our usual problem, LOL).
Plenty of people and dogs. Awesome view. Not too hard, just beautiful route.
Peak is where the White Cross is standing. Go to it not for religion purposes (but that's up to you of course), Enjoy your achievement :)

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