Tacos & Tequila @ MCRS

We might not come back. And when I say might, probably never. Just trying to be nice I guess. Located at Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in Cabazon beside the Desert Premium Outlets.
Nothing majorly bad, just nothing special to come back.
First photo is Sizzling Fajita with Chicken, Pork and Shrimp. Mom's order and she liked it I think since she took home her left orders.
Second is my Baja Tacos. It was okay. I wish they used not the red onions since it made the food spicy. I have little tolerance to spicy foods. Rice is good, beans were great according to my parents.

Papa's order is Carne Asada. Not the same presentation as the picture so I'm kind of disappointed since that's the reason papa got it.
Mom ordered a Bloody Mary and she didn't even drank a quarter of it. She hated it. Sorry for the drink lovers of this kind.
Chips were cold when given to us. I know probably it's not fresh but I prefer it hot. They have loud music the lapses the casinos noise but too much that it bugs you while eating (on our location since we were beside the floor). Chairs were not the right height for the table and it was wobbly. Our server (I'm sorry for this) but walk slow. I guess you can't judge the service by that and we're just hungry.
And I thought when you're hungry, doesn't matter the food - it'll just taste good. I was wrong.
Good Luck!


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