Harvest Moon! On Top of Bump & Grind Hike (w/ Unfortunate Service Story)

Round Trip: 1 hour 58 minutes. This is my second trial for this hike, click here for the first one.
Reached the Peak 1 hour 2 minutes. Stay there for about 7 minutes then started going down without any breaks. We did going up maybe one to three times with couple minutes or so.
Bring water and hike at your own pace as I always say. This trail is steep and before starting you'll see where to go up top. Bring Flashlights! Be aware of the cyclists. Make way for people with a different pace than you are (never think they are better!). We just have our own journey so enjoy it.
If you want to see the Moon Rise like we did, start @ 1800 (6pm). It was beautiful.

Fortunately, It was actually the Harvest Moon going up :)
Casa Blanca (Mexican & Seafood):


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