Universal Studios 2017

Preferred Parking $35. Got our ticket at Fun Express for $95.00; discount site for works.
I LOVE Universal Studios, we ALL DID. Rides are different than your usual roller coasters, every detail when waiting in line for the rides are pertaining to the place you are in. So Cool. I would love to come back here.
Harry Potter is our main goal to go to. And we did. Stayed, kind of a long time than your usual people. As a generation where Harry Potter series came in, it's just walking into a magical place. With all the performances and d├ęcor. Love this man in Hogwarts Express. He thanked me for coming to Universal Studios after asking for my name. I love everyone here!
The Minion (not sure if this is Kevin) followed me after my cousin and I took a picture with him! When we were leaving he acted that he wants to have a picture with me hence the photo below :)
Saw Frankenstein's Monster walking so I went ahead and grabbed him.
We also went to AMC The Walking Dead Walk through and it's pretty awesome to hug a zombie (I'm not sorry for liking the dead).
Krustyland for kids, so colorful! Funland includes a little waterpark (not little, it's kind of legit to go swimming for kids). Mom showing off her Gryffindor Robe and tie (her wand is somewhere hidden in our bags).
And of course, my ever dream of meeting SpongeBob. Hugged him and took a picture. Yes, I am legit happy at this moment. See my video and you'll hear me kind of squeaking.

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