Chase Disney Rewards Visa - Approved!

I got approved! After thinking I got denied at my application due to 5/24 ruling of Chase, they asked for my SSN through mail so I sent them but did not expect anything then all of a sudden I received an email (November 14, 2017) saying my new card will arrive in 3-5 days. 4 days later from that email, it did arrive yesterday (November 17, 2017)!
Disney Rewards Visa from Chase. Can be use anywhere where Visa is accepted.
Proof of the $50 rewards on your first purchase :)

No Annual Fee of course that's I did not get the Disney Premiere Visa.
First Account from Chase, Thank you!

I activated it November 20, 2017. Signed up online and started to see my Fico Score from Chase by Transunion, it's 718 with a letter "C".


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