Don’t Please Others if You’ll Suffer

I know. Stupid Me.
Big INCONVENIENCE; Though Nothing bad about the service.
Appointment's @ 1540.
Received a call Same Day @ 1210. Voicemail @ 1211. Second call that I missed @ 1217.
Requesting for me to arrive around 1315, or even 1330. I arrived and started waiting before 1410.
Originally, my plan was to miss work only by 30 minutes. But because of this request, I was out 2 hours earlier. Thinking I'll be done fast due to the request of me coming early, I planned to finish work at home after. I was wrong.

I was called @ 1538, ONE HOUR and 18 minutes LATER.
Same time if I didn't try to please the request and just went it on my appointment time,
Nurse apologized for me waiting and FULLY aware of the doctor's request. She mentioned that when I came in that's the busy time. NOT MY FAULT.
Done the little chit chat with the nurse (health wise) @ 1542, STILL waited another 18 minutes for the doctor.
If my time waiting does not equal to my rating, then Kaiser Permanente does not care about their patient's time.
Please learn from my mistake and don't come in early when they request you to, unless you have all the time in the world and you don't need to work.

I love my doctor and I'm not planning to change any of that. Just extremely disappointed of how things turned out.
Written November 21, 2017:
As you can read, Yesterday was not my day. When I got home, my dog pooped twice on the floor. He stays in my room. My room is carpeted. Imagine cleaning that. Not once, but twice. Where you ask? By the door. What does that mean? When I opened it, TA-DAH! Spread it out B****. That's me being the B. So I screamed again and gain just because it was an amazing day and good things keep happening. But then I noticed my dog's leash was not like it's normal place. He went under my bed and around so it looks like he got shaken that's why he did number 2.
He is a great dog and trained well (although accidents once in a while of course). Something or somebody triggered him to be like that yesterday. I don't know what it could be (maybe a cat, bird, human in the room neighbor), not sure but my window is always open. Not the window itself but the blinds so he has a bit of sunlight. Anyway, it's been cleaned now and my room smells normal but I just hope it won't happen again or if it does at least I know where it's coming from.

This morning while listening to Ryan in 102.7 KIIS FM, they always have this quote and it stuck to me:

Give Thanks to those who did you Wrong. They Unwillingly made you Strong.

Remember that and never give up. Scream like I did if it gets too much. Always aim for the Rainbow after the Storm :)


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