Ice House Canyon Trail

Beautiful place to hike. Cold at first but definitely will feel warmer after a while. We started going up around 0930, stopped after 2 hours and 45 minutes due to my mom not feeling well, rest for about 15 minutes then started going down and reached car in 2 hours. Total from vehicle and to is 5 hours. Bring a jacket, a thick one! I kind of regret not bringing my North Face with Wind Breaker since it's really chilly in the morning. 
We did not reach the saddle but just the view itself is enough so I really did not feel like I missed something. Mom enjoyed the hike as well except for the tiring part for her but she did well for her first time going up. So proud of her!
We passed many signs pertaining to how far is still to your certain destination. Burnt trees, many broken trees, Cucamonga Wilderness boards and a choice of Ice House Canyon Trail and Chapman Trail (longer and harder looks like).
There was nine of us in the group but we did not let us slow them down and went on our pace, and went back when it's time to go back, lol. Thank you Ranka for inviting us to join your group! :)

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