Macy’s Denial + Amex Offer to BCP

Applied In Store in Rancho Cucamonga in Victoria Gardens November 11, 2017. - Macy's Credit Card.
Got the little receipt saying wait the decision in mail, meaning Denial.
I received the decision November 21, 2017 with the date November 15, 2017.
To tell you the truth I'm kind of relieved since reading all the review from current and former credit card members with them, looks like 1/100 is on happy. Most of them are saying they will charge you $2.00 even if you have ZERO balance. I am happy to not deal with that BS. But then again, sucks to feel the denial but that's okay. One less thing to worry about especially if people are saying it is that bad.
American Express Offer to Upgrade to Blue Cash Preferred.
Had the Blue Cash Everyday since September 2016. Received their email many times regarding Pre-Approved for the Gold, Titanium, Platinum that mostly has an annual fee. This offer to upgrade caught my eye since I wrote about this way back that when I have a family, the perks on BCP is way better than BCE. Thank you for the offer AMEX, as tempting as it is, I won't do it since it's not worth it as of now to pay for the Annual Fee. But then, See you in the future :)


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