Pier Burger & The Bowl

Pier Burger at Santa Monica Pier. Good Burger. Okay Local White Seabass Sandwich according to Papa. He prefers Tuma as he keeps saying. Mom’s Veggie burger is good as well per her and the Route 66 dessert was great. Obviously too sweet with lots of candies. Best of all is the French Fries. Free water with ice with lid, not lot restaurants do that when you ask for a cup of water so yey for that. Birds beside you while you enjoy your food so NEVER feed them. Cool breeze. Love the atmosphere.

The Bowl Asian Kitchem at Moreno Valley. Quick Seevice I’m telling you. Great food. No fancy extra stuff to lure you of paying more but then again this is fast food. Papa got Salmon Bowl, I got Chicken Bowl and Mama got California Roll. People line up and call in to order to pick up so this js a busy place but not busy enouhh to make you go away meaning they are fast!

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