VS Freebies + PJ’s

Freebies @ Victoria Secret when you reach a certain purchase: 2 Tote Bags (1 Black & 1 Gold) and a Mesh Top. Not sure if being an Angel Forever helped regarding the extra Mesh Top, but we got plenty of discounts because of the rewards. Retail prices below.
Here’s how they give it to you from original packaging (sorry didn’t have the gold tote). Bra has a discount of 30% I think, and completely weird that their testing bra felt amazing size wise but when I tried mine at home, so tight! Had to change it back and resize. We’ll see if the new size is good for me.
Mom Bought me PJ’s yesterday and I think she got a 40% of it. Another comfortable and pretty set. Thank You Mama!

Mesh Top - $38.00


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