The Lux Day Spa

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s still New Year’s Eve in California while I’m writing this. Before we head out to a friend’s birthday party and me going to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, mom booked my dad and I massages and me and herself hair appointments. How awesome she is!!! She called the Lux Day Spa yesterday and made my appointment at 0930 today. We arrive late and started 0950. 1 hour and 5 minutes later I was surprised it was done and felt so relaxed.

My dad and I costs $175. He did 60 minute and I’m not sure what’s mine since mom said it’s 60 minute with a 30 minute but since we’re late maybe my time was cut. Love the Neck Release since that’s the reason why I wanted a massage. I feel better.

Lotion she used was warm at first but then gets cold fast. You will be asked if you want a Medium or Firm pressure and I chose Firm. Some parts it hurts but not because of her but because of my neck problems. I wanted to see how much I can take and didn’t ask to make the pressure lighter. So make sure you’re okay with the pressure all the time of you won’t be relaxed at all.

My Faults that you should learn from:
1. Take off jewelries: Watches, Rings & Necklace. She said it’s completely fine but I stil feel bad and of course it feels better to have a massage without those little obstacles for your masseuse.
2. Take off you socks. Forgive me but last time I had a massage was in 2012 so I completely forgot the do’s and don’ts. You can leave your underwear on but no bra. Believe me she knows privacy and you will not feel awkward whatsoever.
3. If you’re ashamed (in my own personal opinion, you shouldn’t be) about armpit hair, shave or wax or whatever you want to do with it because I got full body and there was a time where she put my arms up so that might make you uncomfortable.


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