Unclear Rules of TriAd, Bank of America & Victoria Secret

Good Morning and Happy Last week of 2017!!! Not to make your day disappointing whatsoever but I have three complains regarding Tri-Ad, Bank of America and Victoria Secret's Comenity Bank.
1. Tri-Ad Unspoken Rule (maybe it is and I was just not informed unfortunately). I quit on my part time job last August and was planning to make my savings through the retirement stay until I completely need it. But then, out of nowhere I get a check around November and in my surprise, nowhere near what I remember I kept. Of course, so many fees deducted and if you're account is under $1000 and not active like mine, it gets cut off immediately. You see that $00? Yeah, I did not get that. I only got less than $550. Bad Image.
2. Bank of America's Wire Transfer Fee. What if out of lucky universe somebody made a mistake and sent me money? Will you get a fee? Yes! Will they ask you? No! This frustrates me. My boyfriend's parents send me money and were told that I will received $600 exactly. I received it for $598.52. Sure less than $2 is not a big deal. But then again, out of nowhere I was charged $15. This is not okay.
    • Additional disappointment from Bank of America? I tried transferring money to Discover from my Checking account and it costs $3. While if I take it from my Regions account to Discover, it will only be $1.00. Oh well.
3. Victoria Secret Comenity Bank. Nothing to be scared. When I got my statement bill, there's an extra charge that says Account Assure. I called right away and say please cancel and refund if you can because I don't know about this and not interested at all. Great customer service, she didn't even try to make me stay and tell me the advantages and got credited back what thay charged me with. So Thank you!


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