US Naturalization - Oath Ceremony

December 21, 2017 (Thursday).
Appointment in the letter 1210. The lady who interviewed me back in December 5, 2017 said come in at 1000 even if it opens at 1200. So I tried to but arrived in the parking around 1035. Mama is with me. Leaving Parking will have to walk for about 10 minutes since it’s beside the Staples Center. Not sure why Parking is there and not where the hall is but probably because there are 4,054 applicants today (excluding the guests) and they’re trying to organize placements of parking.

Started waiting in line 1045. At this point they already separated the applicants and guests. Both have the same procedure where you wait in line and go through metal detectors. You don’t need to take off anything. If you have a bag just place it on the machine when told to. If you don’t have any and just using your pockets, take you phone and keys out and prepare to put them in a small round bin. What is not pleasant about this waiting is there’s many lines they try to make but only few metal detectors. Meaning when the time comes it will have to be a funnel where it makes the process slower. Make sure the questions at the back of your appointment letter is already answered. Line started moving 1140 and I passed by the metal detector @ 1153.

At this point when guests are done with security they are pointed where to sit. But with applicants we still have to Check in with an officer before sitting. Another line but a short and fast one since there are many of them. Prepare your appointment letter and Green Card prior to this point. They will asked for both of it and check if everything’s good. Then you will be asked four questions all pertaining after your interview:
1. Have you been married - No.
2. Have you traveled outside US - No.
3. Have you been arrested - No.
4. Are you still willing to defend America - Yes.

Afte the questions, you’re greencard (officer will punched a hole in it) will be stapled to your appointment letter with a written letter and number. That’s where you’ll get the Certificate of Naturalization after the Ceremony.
Done Check in @ 1159. Walked and appointed where to sit and sat down @ 1202. Was given a small flag, folder containing welcoming stuff and while sitting another two documents regarding voting.

1245, done eating my apple and yakult even though rules are no food and drinks allowed. There are many hotdog stands outside so that’s the fastest way to get food. Or restaurants withing walking distance since it’s Downtown LA (would not recommend use of vehicles since drivers here suck and everywhere parking is expensive). I strongly suggest eat before going to this event and have little snacks and chocolates or candies in your bag to keep you energized. I know I’m telling you to not obey the rules but you can always throw it away if they tell you that you can’t bring it inside. Also parking is $20 Cash. Have that handy and ready to give. There will be arrows outside to tell you where to go and park.
Bring anything that will make you occupied. Waiting game as always and it’s not any easier when you are alone. Please wear deodorant if needed. I have the unfortunate luck where the one beside me smells. Sorry, Not Sorry. It’s a tight space and with the waiting part, people tend to have hunger breath which add to the unlucky smell.

Welcoming in English 1257. Welcoming in Spanish 1300
Little Presentation ended until 1307. Waiting game until 1312
Judge was called and done (Oath of Allegiance) 1317
USCIS (If remember correctly, she’s the Director) presented seven Military personnel who served America and mentioned their ranks and original countries. Then she told the three countries where most applicants are for today - China, Philippines and the most is from Mexico. In total, there are 114 countries combined just for the applicants today.
President’s Video 1329-1331
Music Video 1331-1334
Then Pledge of Allegiance followed by singing the US National Anthem until 1337
After than another speaker giving instructions regardinf Passports, Voter Registrations and that we need to wait for Guests to leave completely before handing out our Certificate of Naturalization.

Remember that Number that they stamped on your appointment letter at Check in? You get in line at that number ‘make sure you’re on the correct number’. Another man was in the wrong one and asked to cut in front of me. Honest mistake. No biggie. Real quick. You give them your letter (green card stapled by them, BYE!) and they hand you you’re Naturalization. Make sure you check all information before heading out and then it’s official!! Out from the Building by 1343. So from arriving at Parking to completely done - more or less 3 hours.

Congratulations everyone! I made it! This is for my parents. Mama Thank You! For being brave enough for us to move.


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