BeHeadwear & Chic Wish List

I got the discount code for Be Headwear through my Instagram they emailed me regarding their product. Here's the link for better explanation. Basically, it's headphones speakers that works in Bluetooth. So any Smartphone or Music Player can connect with the headphone speaker so your ear won't be irritated after a while and while not hurt due to the sticking of earphones. Pretty convenient especially for extreme activities like hiking, skiing, anything that is moving.

Chic Wish List messaged me through Instagram as well and asked if I wanted to be an ambassador. Since it includes a big discount I figured why not. So I got this Fury Choker, Black Wrap silver Finish necklace from their site. Only concern of mine, better quality :( When I got my necklace, from the packing itself it already lost 1 stone. Even with the bubble wrap it's still got loose. Then while I was trying it on, another stone came out. Really disappointed but hopefully this is only with mine.

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BE Headwear : Connecting | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

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