Fleming's & Lucille's in Victoria Gardens

DELICIOUS BABY BACK RIBS!!! That's all. Lol. I'm serious, it's the bomb. French Fries are thin and good snack. Pasta order by papa is great as well. The only food I did not enjoy as much is my mom's order since I was in love with mine (baby back ribs). Bread as appetizer is hot and fresh and soft and crunchy. No need for the butter for it to be yummy.
Reservation Recommended!
Appetizer - Maple Glazed Bacon. YUM! I was wanting rice for this but sadly they don't have any.
Mama's Order - Lobster Tempura. Another Yum but I personally prefer shrimp to be tempura since if I'm going to eat lobster I want to eat it by itself and not breaded.
Papa's Order - Salmon Fillet. Extremely Soft.
Sides to Share - Asparagus (sorry, not into asparagus in the first place so I did not like it).
Desert - Crème Brulee with a greeting and their own style of whip cream, sugar and something else that I forgot that my mom loved.
Surprise Desert - 4 piece chocolate in a cute box.
Reservation Recommended!
Fleming's Steakhouse @ Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.


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