US Passport in 2 weeks!

I’m so happy! I got my US Passport today - January 8, 2018! I applied December 23, 2017. That was Saturday, two days after my Naturalization Ceremony. I went to Moreno Valley USPS and had a scheduled appointment @ 1245. Was told to arrive 15 minutes earlier and was there a bit late for the request - 1235.
You don’t need to wait in line, this was told to me by one of them the day before since I sent another application as well. You just need to say something to one of them that you have an appointment.
Due to their business, I waited until 1301 to be helped since there was only two of them at that time. She had to wait for a third one so there’s two of them working all the time.

You will be asked to take an oath stating all is the truth and check your information again. If you want to Staple your picture on the Application you can, just make sure you do it correctly where the four staples are on the sides, two on each, all vertical. I asked her since I was curious because while I was researching some says to staple some says don’t. So I had to for the sake of knowing. No biggie if you won’t attach it like I didn’t. All is done by 1307.
Requirements that I brought:
1. Certificate of Naturalization
2. Copy of Certificate of Naturalization
3. Copy of Driver’s License (front & back)
4. One Passport Photo (I took @ CVS)
5. Complete Application (WITHOUT signature at the bottom!)

All cost $135.
$110 (I used personal check, you CANNOT use credit or debit card) to the Application itself and $25 (I used credit card for this) for the process.
December 27, received an email late at night saying I can now track my Application Status. So I did the next day and it just says it’s on Process.
My bank for the check was charged December 28, which was 5 days later from my application.

Now my only concern is when will I be receiving my Certificate of Naturalization back? I will call soon and let you know when I get it back :)
Total Process from Application to in my hands - 16 days. But! The Issue date was January 4, which technically it was done processing in less than 2 weeks (12 days to be exact)
Good Luck!


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