Youtube Rant, Blogspot Mobile Apps & Super Cuts in MoVal

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!! I do not want to ruin your amazing weekend but I want to post three reviews/rants regarding what I've been up to. Pretty much all around the place since I easily get bored. I hope at least one of these things you will learn something:
1. YouTube Removal of Video - but they put it back after I appealed their decision. The only activity I did before they did this action is my playing around for the FIRST TIME on the End Credit where you can choose a layout and put either your previous videos, links or whatever you want to put in there. My Appeal: I put a message of something like, I did not such policies regarding not putting sites on my video and description box and can you please at least warn us so we can do something about it rather than, Boom - your video is going to be deleted and you can not do anything about it. Haha. I thought My Raden Luggage Unboxing will be gone but to my surprise the little warning of color blue is nowhere to be found and my video is still up. What's up with that YouTube?
2. BlogSpot Mobile Apps is not compatible with IOS 11 of Apple. Of course I as a noob in all technical things regarding gadgets, I don't know who to blame. So have to go to another app and found three that are not the best, all have pros and cons of each.
3. Super Cuts in Moreno Valley - Located in Day Street. I will no be coming back. Kudos to them who does a LOT of haircut when people are wanting them the most (pre Holidays). They are fast. But. that can be a con since they want to please the mass by finish every single one in the fastest way possible, they lost touch of intimacy with each of the customer. And they are not cheap as well. Unfortunately I do not feel comfortable here due to the fact that whoever did my hair did not clean the seat I was in. I gave her two chances since I was hesitant to sit before it starts but it looks like it's not on their routine to clean the sit after a customer was done.
I also showed her a picture and she said that picture looks like natural curls (I searched it through my phone) and she'll see what she can do. I am not happy with the finish product. Good Luck! 


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