FAIL - Terri Peak Trail @ Lake Perris CA

Cool trail if you ask me, not predictable especially for us since it took us at least twice to find the trail back. We parked near the neighborhood and walked our way up to start on the trail but unfortunately the one we chose had a dead end. We found another one but ended again. Watch the video to see how many times we had to go through the bushes. I keep telling my friends, have long socks in your bag just for the experiences like this! Not all plants are friendly and most of them actually has splinters. I had one in my right hand and good thing I have a tool that's multi functional that has pliers and Janine helped me take it off.
Lots of hikers like us, they brought their children, dogs and many bikers as well. I think there's more riding bicycles than people hiking. Bring jacket since when you go up as always it tend to be cooler breeze. - OOTD here.
Pictures are a mixture from iPhoneX of my friends' and my Htc Re.
Amazing Panorama by my friend Janine :)

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