The Broad ft. Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room

The Broad in Los Angeles is a Free Admission Art Museum for all ages. Just be careful when you have young ones because there are some explicit content. I booked our spot online about some time in December for January 21st. I do not recommend waiting in line and do the stand by since time is gold. Also, if you are only interested for the "The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", you will need to enter FIRST then reserve ANOTHER spot to be able to go in to this exhibit - Infinity Mirror.
There are some chairs that you can sit on if you are like my father who is not into art and just want to sit while waiting for my mom and I. You can take as much pictures, videos you want as long as you NEVER touch the Artworks. Also, do not SIT. Of course there will be a lot of young people trying to pose while sitting and I witnessed one that was told sitting is not allowed, but you can slouch.
Some Infinity Mirrors, or other artists' exhibits have admission fee. Last time I check it's about $25. So if you see that it's free, I suggest reserve it and go on that day. It's worth planning for it.
This place is beautiful. Amazing date is what comes into my mind. You both can ask what you think of this art and move from their to fruitful conversations. I recommend go here at least once in your life. - Outfit here.
Only con that I can say is not actually a con, when I reserved for the Infinity Mirror Inside, the estimated wait was 2 hours and 43 minutes. No biggie since we can still enjoy the huge gallery at the second floor then eat lunch then still have time. Good thing we're not avid art fans so maybe it took us only an hour and a bit more, ate lunch @ Lemonade beside MOCA. While eating, I received a text saying we should be ready in 10 minutes. When I look at my timer there's still 1 hour and 10 minutes left. So, do not go far away and rely on their estimate. You might loose your spot. When arrived exactly 10 minutes when I received the text and we have left overs so I asked if I can run to our car, leave our food and come back up. Yey that they approved it :) 45 seconds inside the Infinity Mirror, surreal and fast. Not enough time to appreciate it since taking pictures and videos is in the way no matter how much you try not to.
Last photo was not in The Broad but on the other side of the street MOCA. Second to the last photo is the street outside The Broad.
The Broad (Inside) | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.
Infinity Mirrored Room in The Broad CA | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

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