Trespassed below the Big "C"

Before there wasn't any camera or fences on this place, mentioned by my friend who is a UCR alumni. They did reached "C" and was sure we can do it but was not aware that they closed it due to some incidents. Therefore, this mission was a fail. Lol. I was willing to continue fence or no fence but my company's scared of cameras all around the place. Plus, there was a man who clearly hiked inside the fence so I don't see something to be afraid of. - Outfit here.
We roam around and climbed a big broken tree. Took some pictures and my friends claimed it was workout, it's not. It's a walk but not in a park.
You have to cross the Tunnel with lots of vandalism. I am so disappointed why people NEEDS to vandal the nature, even if it's the concrete which is manmade, why the F do you need to prove you've been there by writing something instead of just taking a picture? I don't understand.

Trespassed below the big “C” | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

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