I'm Engaged.

First and Foremost, Thank you to now my fiancé, Najee, for all his gimmicks and lies to make the proposal day such a 1000% surprise to me. Second, to our beloved friends who are just the best at being honest and supports us from the beginning no matter how moody we are in our relationship. Third, to my parents who keeps repeating that they are happy for me and my fiancé but also saying just get married already and be together. Fourth, to Najee's family, Jazzy - Thank you for helping your kuya make this all happen, writing all those posters and editing the 20 minutes video he made. Kuya Earl, Ish and Luan - for supporting Najee and smiling while congratulating us when we got home. Tita Arlene and Tito Miner - for saying yes to our plans. Everyone is aware except for me :)
Last but not the least to everyone who greeted us congratulations and wish us luck. Thank you.
June 12, 2018 - Tuesday. Independence Day in the Philippines. I slept with my two friends in my parents' house, the only night I was not with Najee on all my days in Philippines. Little did I know this was part of the whole routine that they all planned. I thought my best friend, Aziel, just wanted a night with me but when I met her, another friend of ours, Diana was there which I haven't seen since college days in Philippines maybe 2011. So meeting time supposed to be 1100. By 1030, these two friends of mine are still putting make up like we don't have a time in mind. Of course me, I didn't put anything at all and I mean nothing on my face not even a lip balm because I'm thinking we're just going to play in the mall (trampoline park and wall climbing). Here I am wearing Lululemon's pants with bare face on.
Diana said she has to pay a deposit for a cake near our high school, Imus Institute (II) and I believed her. So we got down from tricycle, and started to walk (me thinking we're on our way to the cake destination). While cruising, I smiled looking at my grade school, Imus Pilot Elemantary School (IPES) and II. I always say "Hello, (this and that)" whenever I go back to Philippines just to remind myself I've been there and never forget where I came from. Back to their gimmick, all of a sudden these two was pushing let's go inside II. I'm like we don't have any I.D's and how come they will say yes when we don't have any reason but to reminisce? Then Diana asked, no questions asked by the guard and we were in. Once I entered, I saw Lhendog and Ate Grace wearing high school organization shirts with our 4th year section's jacket. They keep saying "Let's go! We're going to be late for class!" And pulling me since they want me to go a certain direction. We arrived at our lockers and Ate grace said "Can I copy your homework?" and Lhendog said open the locker. Me being all surprise I think I just stood there laughing and confuse on what's happening. I think both of them opened the locker and there was an old bag of mine that I gave to our friend Mhanny (who is the designer of our shirts and jacket since 4th year) and a notebook. When I opened the notebook it has a quote from How I met your mother. Then a separate long folder which has pictures of Najee and I and another quote. Then it sink in.
Something is happening. As I started to tear up, Lhendog put a shirt on top of my top and they proceed to pull me and as they do that they keep saying "We'll be late, the bell will ring". The bell rang. They gave me a yellow umbrella and one by one or group (this is all a blur now) I see our friends going from the gym, right, left and they start to surround me smiling. Spinning, looking at them asking "Ok so what do I do now??. Somebody took the umbrella I don't know who and pulled me upstairs. Every corner has posters with quotes written in it. Good thing even if we were kind of fast going up I still read it all but unfortunately can't memorize it. It's all about love and friendships all taken from How I met your mother. We entered our room in 3rd floor where our original group of friends met. They told me to sit down in the front middle and ask if I want water or food. I said water since I was sweating from guessing and just tearing up. Najee went to the front wearing the couple shirt, told our friend to give me the flowers and said eat up, this video is going to be 19 minutes. He told our friends to put out the lights and the video started.
"Kids, I'm gonna tell you an incredible story..." That's how it started like in HIMYM. He narrated our love story since high school up to now. There was about Version 4.0 long distance relationship for this video. It also says how he lost his way career wise and had some pride regarding me getting him, here in US. I was sobbing, duh. When it ended, he went to the front, said his speech while tearing up and pretty much crying as well (joked around saying he got something in his eyes). He got the ring behind the TV and got down on one knee. Asking me to marry him. As I sob more and more, I stood up and said "Of course". He put the ring on my hand, and we hugged for a minute while both crying. With our closest friends in the room, they asked for a kiss and we did. We hugged again and they asked for a kiss again. We did for the second time. After I started to calm down, it's picture time. We took a lot of pictures, then cleaned up. Since they rented the room with no charge (Thank you II for letting us use the room since were all Alumni). We waited for Goms since he had to go back to work for a bit then back to cars and we visited our friend Ron who's our angel since 2012. After talking to him for a bit and reminiscing our memories we went to Lucita's in Las Pinas (as our reception said by Marj) to eat.
That's about it :)
Just want to mention all of our friends that made this incredible day happen:
  1. Zielly
  2. Mhanny
  3. Deden
  4. Berj
  5. Jazzy
  6. Ate Grace
  7. Lhendog
  8. Marj
  9. Pao
  10. Debid
  11. Goms
  12. Diana
  13. Amps
  14. Tiney - LDR friendship
  15. Riel - not physically since he had his exit exam; Go Doc!
  16. Jicky
  17. Mae
PS. Sorry for an almost 4 month hiatus. Will try to post what I didn't.

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