1st time getting a Speeding Ticket

First of all, I'm sorry ! I was really speeding, 80 mph on a 60. It was day before labor day and I just wanted to go home from Arizona. I don't trust anyone in the group I was with  to drive my mom's Rav4 so I drove about 5 1/2 maybe 6 hours total? and worst part is, before this trip I keep bragging I never got a ticket before. Surprise! Life. Full of it.

For people who needs help regarding their traffic school, enjoy the pictures I included. I enrolled and finished on the same day in Cheap Easy 4 dollar. They only charged $4.00 and send it to DMV electronically. Before this traffic school, had to pay total of $300.95 for my fine and admin fees for traffic school. Good thing I researched and didn't wait for too long or too close to my due date! Found out that when it says NOTICE TO APPEAR on your ticket, you are not required to go to court. Just pay the fine and go to traffic school (online like me) to avoid points shown on DMV as well as increasing your insurance rates.

Lesson in this is, don't brag too much. I know I did jinx myself.
Do your research when it's your first time like me and do it as soon as possible to avoid penalties. I never received a letter from whatever court that police is from who got me since the address he used is from an old address that is still in my driver's license. But since that letter or notification is not necessary, I went ahead and finish this whole process in just one day. Just good bye $305.95. It is what it is since I really did speed.
Don't Speed! (or just don't go over 10 miles on what the limit says) - Kidding! Really, don't Speed!

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