1st & 2nd Tattoo

Got my first one April 14, Yin yang on my left hand. Really spontaneous since I only thought of getting this tat Wednesday night when I found out that my Canyoneering next Saturday was cancelled. Me, craving for adrenaline thought that night I found out. Thursday I texted my friend and I was looking through an app on what should I get. First I thought of Leo, my zodiac sign but couldn't find a good one. Then earth or something like that or just plain circle just to see how it feels like. It hit me about Yin Yang since I love the idea of life in balance. On how the good and bad compliments each other. In order to completely live, you have to experience both.
5 weeks later, second one on May 15. I knew I'm gonna get hooked on this. So I did a second one the soonest possible. My mom hates that I got tattoos but whatever. My body is mine and I don't regret it. I chose Courage for my second one because that's the word I live with. And chose the location I did since I never see someone with that placement before just like my first one :)

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