1st & 2nd Tattoo

Got my first one April 14, Yin yang on my left hand. Really spontaneous since I only thought of getting this tat Wednesday night when I found out that my Canyoneering next Saturday was cancelled. Me, craving for adrenaline thought that night I found out. Thursday I texted my friend and I was looking through an app on what should I get. First I thought of Leo, my zodiac sign but couldn't find a good one. Then earth or something like that or just plain circle just to see how it feels like. It hit me about Yin Yang since I love the idea of life in balance. On how the good and bad compliments each other. In order to completely live, you have to experience both.
5 weeks later, second one on May 15. I knew I'm gonna get hooked on this. So I did a second one the soonest possible. My mom hates that I got tattoos but whatever. My body is mine and I don't regret it. I chose Courage for my second one because that's the word I live with. And chose the location I did since I never see someone with that placement before just like my first one :)
Yin Yang took 30 minutes. Courage took 30 minutes as well. When I was getting the second one, I showed the first one and the artist re-inked it for free and it took 14 minutes.
Things you have to know:
  1. Most obvious one, this is permanent. Some people just need to hear that again.
  2. How pain it gives you depends on the location AND your tolerance.
  3. It stings but tolerable. Breathe while it's being drawn to your skin.
  4. Talking to people helps so it'll get by quicker.
  5. It's not as bad as you think - but then again, I only have two and it's not on the most painful location so... think about it?

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