Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark ii (24th Bday Gift to myself)

I think it was since 2015 (or maybe even earlier) that I had papers handwritten by myself comparing DSLR. Prices, pros and cons, and all that. But from all the moving and me wanting action cameras because I love doing activities I completely hid my interest in photography. Now that more changes will be coming my way and I know more adventures will endure, I figured my phone have its purpose for call and text only (and social media of course, IG: marecaranne). So for my 24th birthday, I decided to give myself a break and bought a Mirrorless camera in Best Buy (they price matched Amazon through Chat). Enjoy our first pictures below:
Forgive me (above) for posing and not knowing (yet) all the focus and such.
Two photos below show almost the same picture except first one has blurry background (me trying to learn aperture and all that jazz) and second one has sharp image all through out.


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