Rollercoaster before turning 24 - K1 Visa Approved

This will be a random post about what happen since last Monday. Nothing crazy ust some realizations in my everyday life:
Monday last week - Lazy. Took a nap after work then forced myself to workout at 1900, did Kick box Cardio.
Tuesday last week - Lazier. Napped after work again. Didn't even try hard enough to work out. Even googled "How to be unmotivated" while at work before heading home.
Wednesday - told myself, this is enough. Push through, grow up and do something. So did 2 hours overtime, then hiked with friends in Mt. Rubiduox. n_n
Thursday - need to continue this motivation I switched on so 2 hours overtime then workout, Body Works Plus Abs @ 1745.
Friday - thinking at first, I guess 2 days in the gym and a hike will be good enough and plus it's the weekends but good thing I told myself it wasn't and did Zumba  @ 1745 after 1 hour of overtime.
Saturday - woke up earlier than I wanted to, to do more overtime (5 hours) then lunch then movie with my parents then mall to change the batteries on our watches.
Not only I switched off my mood by Tuesday, I did the most overtime ever in my career!
Ok bad parts, aside from Monday & Tuesday laziness;
Thursday - ate two small Lays from vending machine at work. Told myself I don't regret it, I completely did even if I went to the gym.
Friday - ate 2 soft potato tacos from taco bell at NIGHT. Most of the time I don't mind this rewards to myself but I feel like I've been giving into my cravings too much.
Sunday - After our lunch in Ten Ren's Tea Time (I finished my Tonkotsu which is a bigger serving than my usual), mom and I ate 2 delicious macaroons from Cha2O. That part I don't regret but included it here because I gave in.
Monday - did 2 hours then worked out @ 1900 Kick Box Cardio.
Tuesday - did an errand then worked out @ 1745 Body Works.

About 2015, I was interested in buying a DSLR. Not only for my own purpose but for my parents and family. Especially my mom, she loves pictures. I even found a pros and cons in like 3 pages of what camera should I buy,, etc. Model on those pages was a Nikon D3200 and now the current as D3400 I think. I 've always stopped myself indulging thinking it's not worth it or I don't deserve it. Finally, my man keeps telling me I do deserve it and from the jealousy of my cousin, colleague and friends that has pretty cameras, I finally did it. Researched for too long and took the leap of faith (financially) and bought myself a mirror less camera! Amazon has it less for $50 so I did the online hat on Best Buy and they did Price Match it. Awesome service! Not only that but it'll arrive tomorrow which is my birthday :)

I believe since Sunday until Tuesday, I've been waking up around 0230 with the thought of our case - Fiance Visa Process. Everytime I checked it's still in the process.
Today, I woke up around 0338 then thought of checking but also said to myself it's probably nothing so went back to sleep. When I woke up, had a text message that is not saved on my phone then BOOM! It's about our case saying it has been approved! Still has ways to go but the longest wait is over and my man and I was jumping around together while we Facetime and both of our families couldn't be happier for us <3
Letter received July 27. Found out on New Site July 25. Dated July 24. But the letter's date is July 23.
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