Trust the Universe

Title came from my man, on his Instagram post because today is our monthsary.
A lot has happened, we're engaged and I'm back in US working. Back to the normal routine. Work, workout, weekend. Then repeat. Not that I'm complaining but I'd be so happier if my love is with me physically. And this is where this post comes in. Trust the Universe. Of when, how, why, and all of the questions that just makes you wonder in life.
I became a US Citizen December 2017. The very next day, December 22, 2017 I sent my man's application for Fiance Visa. After months and months (199 days to be exact) I found out that USCIS needs an RFE. Yep, the frustration after preparing for so long then waiting which adds more suspense then BOOM. We need more papers from you. What's worse is that I found this yesterday, July 9 on the website! If I don't check it everyday who knows when will be the letter in the mail arrive. That's another annoying thing, how come it has to be in the mail. Why can't they make a secure website where all information is there instead of making people wait in the mail (which I have a feeling it's not priority because it takes at least three days I think). My notice on the website about the RFE is July 5, and it didn't arrive yesterday. I just hope it arrives today.

Has the Update - New website:
Still says received - Old Website:

Yesterday morning, I was completely devastated. I cried facetiming him saying my apologies that because of me, it'll be a little longer. If there was no RFE? It was 184 days from Notice of Action to Approval. But then again, that is not our case. I was mad at myself. I felt so stupid. Why would I make mistakes on the most important paperwork of our future? After calming myself down, with his help of course, did work throughout the day... I realized that it is what it is. Sure it's completely normal to breakdown at one point. That's acceptable. But what's not okay it not putting yourself back up and suck it honey. So I kind of did. Started reading what needs to be done, what could it be since we haven't received ours yet and preparing pictures from my recent trip with him. Oh yeah, we're officially engaged. Take that people who questioned our case! :)

At the end of the day, I'm just hoping that after this RFE we get our most awaited approval from USCIS. All we can do is wait, do it quickly and completely, then wait again. Other than that, the rest is up to the universe (or the people handling our case). Please, please. Let him be with me as soon as possible <3


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