U-Grill, Cha2O & Rowland Heights

Cha2O in Riverside - Food is alright, I actually want to say Meh but I won't. What I didn't like about this place is their service. I understand there's few workers but that shouldn't be the customers problem again and again. Ate her twice and won't come back as a sitting customer.

U-Grill in Rancho Cucamonga - It's alright but I'm sorry I prefer Koreana near Tyler Galleria because you don't have to wait or ask for the waiter to get you your order. No limits completely in Koreana.
Love the Corn Cheese though, for real, must try!

Sorry but for the two photo below, I forgot the name of the restaurants. It's two different cuisine, first is Asian (duh, noodles) and dessert like Korean ice thingy.

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