7 Sacred Pools, Devil's Kitchen, & Chapel of the Holy Cross

May 2018. This trip was a lot of fun! First thing after we wake up - Devil's Kitchen. It's a sink hole in Sedona, Arizona and really easy to find. There's signal so you can use your phone for the map in walking direction. Fast and it won't get you tired (unless you go here at noon). These are all FREE admission and a must see when you're nearby Sedona, Arizona.

Jumping shots from Devil's Kitchen going to Seven Sacred Pools. Of course I had to take a picture where I'm sitting on the Edge of the Sink hole.
Seven sacred pools was dried up when we arrive. maybe it's pretty when it rains before hand.
These are some red rocks views surrounding Chapel of the Holy Cross. There's lots of parking and make sure you can walk fine since you have to go up to a little path they made.

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