Boiling Point, Dripp, & Balinsasayaw

Boiling Point - Rowland Heights, CA. I've been here twice and tried the most popular one and another one. Both were okay. I don't think I'll be back here especially the second time I specifically said no spice and it was spicy. I have low tolerance to eat so just a little bit will not make me enjoy my food. Both times we were here - LOOOONG wait. For me, not worth it.

Dripp - Chino Hills, CA. LOOOOVE this ice cream. Sorry I forgot what flavor but it's so good and I know it has coffee in it. Cool place to hang out too especially upstairs! But if you go at night like we did, it'll be pretty full as most people will stay for a while to chill.
Balinsasayaw - Silang, Cavite in Philippines. Ate here at my last night staying in my home country. Must try place in Cavite!!! Good for family as they have plenty of choices where to seat depends on how many your group is. Perfect for date night as it is romantic aura. Even though there's no AC, the chill breeze will make you appreciate nature and the electric fan will add comfort. Plus all around nets in your own space to make flies keep out. Really intimate. Food is bomb. Filipino food done right.

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