Caesar's Salad was born here (Tijuana, Mexico)

Best Caesar's Salad of my Life. Can be found in Hotel Caesar's in Tijuana Mexico. They make the dressing in front of you. Don't order the small one since the bug one was not even enough for me. Most dressing I only put a little. Because too much is just not my liking. That's what I thought with this, maybe I won't like it since they put too much dressing and there's no meat unless you ask for it (extra charge). BOY I WAS WRONG. I promise you this is the best Caesar salad you'll have. Every bite I did, I keep saying that it's so d*mn good.
Their Rib Eye is so good as well. I keep getting some from my mom's order. Dad's pasta was okay, won't order it again though.
 My hungry and tired parents <3


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