Crossing to Tijuana, Mexico

What a hot yet beautiful day! So spontaneous that we decided to do this that morning. Mom wanted to go to the beach and I said yes but later on I thought that's too much work swimming, then changing then you won't feel fresh as much. But then, at the end of our walking trip, we were not fresh at all to a point that my papa had to buy a shirt at the outlets before heading home.
Since it was still summer, walking around without shade is too much. So while we're on our way after crossing the border, mom bought a hat fro $10. Sure you'd say it's expensive or whatever knowing it has no brand, but as my parents taught me, these people who sell on the streets, just vendors wherever they maybe, not all the time they have income, or steady as a regular full time employee. So if you can pay them with the amount they mention (not too much though, more like reasonable), help them out as that might be the only income they will have that day.
My parents went here before so they know where to go. Passed by markets, boutiques, dental clinics (since it's way cheaper), and lots of other tourist go to places. We really didn't go into the museum, just took a picture.
Crossing from US to Mexico was a breeze. They don't look at your green card or passport closely. Just hold it up so they can see that you have it and pass. Before completely stepping to Mexico you must first go through the X-ray then that's it.
Going back from Mexico to US though is a bit more tight just because they do look through and make sure it's you. After they ask where you live and did you bring anything from Mexico, you're back in the US. No X-ray machine passing though which is odd.
Artworks in the wall. Famous arch of Tijuana?
Best Caesar Salad here.
Papa bought a ring in 'Emporium' Store. Cool places owned by two old men.
Overall, I recommend you do this if you live in So Cal. Not too much traffic and you'd see the difference right away between first and third world country. I myself is not bothered by this since I grew up 18 years in the Philippines. Eye opener for people who take their life for granted saying they're not living the best life. Have fun!!!


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