Grand Canyon South Rim

My first time here in Grand canyon and of course, it's f-ing beautiful. We went on a perfect day (but I was not in a perfect mood). Weather wise, not too crowded. Forgive me for being too honest but I was exhausted on this trip since it's hard to please everyone especially when people you're with has different priorities. It's hard to be the mediator. Anyway, let's focus on the Grand Canyon. I was blown away. I can hang here all day, no complains. Well, maybe when I'm hungry and all.
Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. If I go back here, I will hike from end to end. Such an amazing trail that will make you want more. We didn't eat here so I can't say anything when it comes to food choice. Hermit's Rest was our first stop and it was not much as to a photo op. The one that we stayed for a while is Mohave Point. Not a lot of people so you get the enjoy the view quietly and pose all you want (not that I will but just in case that's your priority). 
Only bad thing with his experience is the bus driver we had. I was so excited going back to our car since after this we are going home. When the bus arrives, people left on the front door while our group entered on the rear one. This bus lady driver gave us an impolite greeting with a annoying face like we were kids who doesn't know shit. Well we really were ignorant as we didn't know not to enter the bus that way and wait for whoever driver to tell you to enter. I apologize deeply and many times but she didn't need to treat us that way. When we got down and re-enter the other door, she's all fake *ss with smiling and welcoming. What the hell?
Outfit here.
I'd definitely be back and if you can, go here at least once in your life :)

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