Having a Mantra is Powerful

Being patient in life is necessary. I try to have more everyday. Same thing for my man. I try to spread that positivity all the time, but it there's a situation that I'm not happy about, it's hard to do that. I'm the type of person who's so addicted to organize my life, set schedule if I can, budget all the numbers I can find and just be prepared. But I've realized more and more that we can't be miserable on the things we can't control.
As of now, my fiancé is in the process of getting a Visa to be here with me in US from Philippines. None really read my blog so long story short, we're high school sweethearts dealt with (still dealing) LDR for too long. Once I got my Citizenship last December, next day after my Oath Taking I passed our application for him. After 7 months of waiting with an RFE, we finally got an approval from USCIS. You'd think waiting weeks compare to months is nothing right? Wrong. After we got our approval, we were happy for a week. No stress, thinking everything is good. Everything is good. But all the waiting part from Approval of USCIS to National Visa Center is too stressful. Especially when the others with the same approval date as we are, even the later ones like really a week after us already reached the NVC! Seem so unfair. Everyday I always almost tear up every time I hear the words, "We Haven't received it yet, it can take up to six weeks"; and all I can say is, "Okay, Thank you". After every phone call, it's heart breaking.

Average is 2 weeks. Some got the Case number after 3 days some after more than a month so it really depends. It's just confusing to how others get there faster when it's all approved the same day. Anyway, me and my man always tell each other every day, it'll arrive soon, we'll be together. But when we don't talk, I know both us sometimes overthink. What if something goes wrong and all that. Thank God, today NVC finally received it. Hopefully soon we will get our Case number and my man can rock and roll with the whole process.

Everyday I've been obsessed with Visa Journey, called twice a day sometime thrice and get jealous more and more. But yesterday, I told myself, this is enough. You're giving yourself the stress that you don't need to have. I even thought of deleting my profile in Visa Journey due to comparison. I'm glad I didn't. So I decided, tomorrow (which is today), do not look Visa Journey unless it's this time and call only once which is this time. And now here I am writing this because I'm happy. My man literally dance in front of me facetime because I told him NVC received it and we'll have the Case number soon. I'm happy because since yesterday, I've accepted the fact that it's not a race, never compare and again don't be mad at things you can't control. My Mantra today is 'If it's not today, it's okay'. Little did I know, it arrived today. Thank you Lord.

Here a picture of us June 10, 2018 having in Masungi Geo Reserve <3

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