Homecoming Philippines 2018

Thank you to everyone who made time just to meet me. One week going back home is not enough but can't go any longer since I got no vacation left and lots of bills to pay. Anyway, even though I slept always less than my normal time in this one week, I'd do it all again for these people. From high school that I saw three times, college who are all working but manage to travel for me, relatives who have their own families but did whatever it takes to make time and new relatives who welcomed me with all their heart. Thank you :)
Hi zielly, thank you sa trip niyo ni diana, sayang wala si tiney. Hi Jee. See you soon :*
All in Bataan; Thank you Tita Juvy and family; Thank you Tita Che, Tita Dinah, Lolo & Lola :)
Fairview family, Thank you for cooking and laughing and singing with me. Thank you Khlo and babes for commuting even though it's late at night!
Longs, originally Bords and BK or whatever our group is called. I feel the happiest when I'm with you guys. It feels like I never left. We are most comfortable talking to each other and I love you all <3 Thanks for everyone who pull through for our Masungi Geo Reserve Trip in Rizal even though is hella raining.
College. What's up guys. I've missed you so much. Each and everyone of you, JP kulang ka. Mark, di kita na kilala :D Seriously, you guys are amazing, friendship wise and professionally. Idol ko kayo lahat! Sa uulitin ha, kahit wala ng inuman!
And to my future family, jazzy, sorry we didn't hang out as much like before. Ish, welcome to the family, Kuya Earl sorry again for the tire hihi and baby Luan! The happiness in the Quaimbao family, welcome to this beautiful world.
Again, Salamat na marami, mahal ko kayo. See you soonest - maanne.


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