Josephine's, 2 Eatery in West Covina & Los Angeles

Josephine's in Cerritos. Love their Liempo, other group that's with us tried to get my order but I wouldn't let that happen (shame on you other group that's the children of the birthday celebrant), lol. Neat place to have fun if you are willing to be embarrass on a Thursday night as they have Karaoke night. Filipinos love this and for sure we did. 
Before we watched America's Got Talent live, See, Christine and I ate at West Covina where edamame was introduced to me and now it's my favorite appetizer. Their food was okay, but not memorable. They recently opened so I forgot the place's name.
After watching AGT, we got dinner at a noodle place somewhere Los Angeles. It's good especially for hungry people but I prefer our noodle place in Riverside.

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