Masungi Georeserve in Philippines

This place is sick. As my friend Marj said, it's awesome. At the time our group went, it was foggy. Like everywhere you look, there's no view. But don't get it twisted, we had LOTS of fun. I'm telling you, if you are not afraid of heights, do this. We finished the trail in exactly 3 hours, site says 4 hours so it really depends on your pace. Make sure you ate before going since it's hiking and climbing ropes.
Photos are not in order. Combination from my HTC RE and Mhanny's DSLR. There was 8 of us, supposedly 9 but Pao couldn't make it because he was stuck somewhere due to typhoon on where he's at so flights are cancelled. Unfortunately once it's paid it's non refundable.
Payment includes food which we chose Chicken Celery sandwich and you eat it at the end. Pretty romantic if you ask me and feels good being in the nature.

You will feel it in your legs the next day, believe my best friend Aziel (wearing the Pink) because she hated stairs for sure.
Take your time going up and down especially for people that didn't know that they are afraid of heights and realized they are. There is no rush at all. 
 Ponchos are also included in the payment of 1,800 PHP.
 Parking is pretty wide BUT you will walk a little to the entrance meaning after you finished the whole thing you will have to walk back to the parking.

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