My Cousin's Wedding in PH 2018

Main reason I went home back to Philippines last June, to see my cousin's wedding <3. Hi Ate Gigi! None of you guys know about this blog of mine but just want to write that I'm happy to be part of your wedding let alone be one of you bridesmaids. Most important of all, I apologize for forgetting Bolen's letter! Hi Bunso, sorry I forgot your letter that you sent me to bring to the bride. Please forgive me both.

The newlywed is both Christians so that's the wedding they had. I'm not familiar with Christian Ceremony but they had two 'pastors' or someone who pretty much did the mass.
Everyone love the flower entourage so my partner and I can't help to take pictures while waiting for the ceremony to begin. If there's a bad thing I need to say during this whole thing, it's that we got HUNGRY. Please future wedding couples, don't make your guests hungry. If you are afraid they will leave after eating, then let them leave. But starving them to finish your program is not acceptable. Also, I wish there was dancing. That's what I miss in my 18th birthday since we started too late because of the rain and ended at closing time of the resort. Lesson for weddings - don't make yourself hungry and have a dancing party :D
Out of all the bridesmaids, I'm the only one who had a straight hair. Love the makeup though, simple yet classy. But to make all the bridesmaids all done with hair and makeup, we started @ 0500. Whoa. It's much a waiting game since not all can be done all at once.
After party hence the (don't care I'm relaxed) clothing. I was too tired so I took a nap prior going here and didn't get the chance to swim since we had to leave early for the next day to go to Masungi Geo Reserve. Thank you Ate Gem and the fam for having me and Najee as always :)

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