Columbia, Tumi, Kipling, DKNY, & many more.

Culvert Omni Tech is what the box says regarding my shoes below. I love these shoes, lightweight and durable wherever I hike. Bought it in Ontario Mills.
Been searching for the longest time for a wallet that's small yet will fit my cards and such. Specifically an ID holder where you can easily show to others without showing what's inside your wallet and if needed take out as well. Flap Card Case in Navy from Tumi - got in on Sale and it still has the original price on their website :)
Another Sale from Ontario Mills, this Kipling bag that I kept having doubts if I should return or not but ended up didn't because of my mom. She said she'll use it but never did and the return policy passes by. Since she has MANY bags, I just told her I'll use it myself and dude you can put a LOT of things inside without it being looking bulky! Great decision to keep this. Sally in Bloody Orange.
This DKNY Pants was from Citadel outlets - Thank you mama! Tight yet comfy and it has reflective lights, helpful when going out at night. Bra is reversible (black/grey). Good quality.
Got this pretty dress at Camille's in Ontario Mills. There are no other like it meaning it's the last one in store. I'm so happy that's in my size as well so I got it as soon as I tried it in the fitting room. Thanks mama for buying me this dress for Danah's 18! 
If you get disgusted by my back acne - Good bye :)
Bought this useful Swiss knife at Columbia with my hiking shoes purchase. I hope Danah will use it even at least once or give it to somebody else who will. Or she can give it back to me, LOL.
 Thank you Ate Jovie for the Top and Bottom as well as the Sandals and Skirt-jumper above <3


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