Happy Place @ Los Angeles

Happy Place is a seasonal indoor photo op for all social media addicts out there. I really don't see such activities for myself to do except to jump into a big bowl full of yellow balls. Lots of fun I'm not going to lie, but I actually prefer going to The Broad Museum for free and stare at art that takes time to do instead of posing for the longest time to take the best picture.
We went here May 13t, 2018. If I remember correctly, tickets are around $35? And you have to pay for Parking as well. Pretty much every where in Los Angeles are not free.
Above is my parents and yours truly asking the worker to take a picture of us since we're not that great at selfies, LOL. Golden Rule, you can NEVER go back to the previous section. So take time (not me) to take your pictures. I myself is annoyed if my mom takes too long to have the perfect shot because I feel bad for others waiting. But then again, everybody has to wait so why hurry?
My mom loves exploring these kinds of places. She's a kid at heart and everyone loves that about her. We went around mother's day so it's really for her. There are X-rays and such but they are not really that strict when it comes to checking your bag.
 They give out chocolates like what I have in the photo above. Tastes like M-n-M's that has a smile instead of M. We were here for about 2 hours maybe? There are some stores that you can buy souvenir and food after walking all throughout. - Outfit here.

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